Founded in 2010 as a social platform to enhance academic processes such as open access, open data and interdisciplinary research, ESI has grown into an internationally recognized institute over the years. It has published articles and books belonging to over 22,000 authors and has organized more than 50 conferences and workshops in five (5) continents of the world. Also, our websites are visited more than 10 million times by researchers across the world.

The European Scientific Institute (ESI) is a global academic platform, which cooperates with Universities and academic centers in five (5) continents, by organizing scientific conferences, forums, workshops, and joint projects. ESI represents a bridge for exploration from all over the world, thus contributing to the promotion of the modern scientific accomplishments. Led by its motto “Science does not know borders”, the ESI provides a greater global exchange of knowledge and the sharing of best practices.

ESI is also dedicated to monthly publication of the European Scientific Journal (ESJ). ESJ is the largest interdisciplinary journal in Europe, which promotes open access. Over 22, 000 researchers from around the globe have published their papers with the journal. ESJ is among the pioneers of an agile and open peer review procedure.