SlausDr. Ivo Slaus is Honorary President of the World Academy of Art and Science, Dean of Dag Hammarskjold University College of International Relations (Zagreb) and a former President of WAAS.
He is also Member of the international advisory council of the Club of Rome and a former president of the Croatian Association of the Club of Rome. His many scientific and diplomatic roles include: Founding Fellow of Academia Europea; Member of the Pugwash Council and former president of Croatian Pugwash; Member of the managing board of the Balkan Political Club; Chairman, International Network of Centers for Sustainable Development; Founder and former Executive Committee member of the European Physical Society; Fellow, World Innovation Foundation. As a former Member of the Parliament of Croatia (2000- 2003), he served on board of the Committee for Education, Science and Culture, and in the role of the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Higher Education.