Dr. Enriko CekoEnriko Ceko was born in 29th September 1965, in Tirana, Albania. He has graduated the Agronomy Faculty and Economy Faculty (Agriculture University of Tirana 1989 and 1996), Faculty of Law (University of Tirana 2002). He has graduated MBA the Tirana University, Faculty of Economy and Nebrasca Lincoln University, a common MNA project (2002). He holds a PhD diploma in Management (Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana 2005). He has about 31 years working experience and about the same experience lecturing, specialized with about 45 training courses (Albania, USA, UK, Israel, Germany, Austria), etc. He is Head of Economics and Management Department, at University College “Qiriazi”, lecturer at University College “Wisdom”, Senator of World Business Angels and Investments Forum and Lecturer at WBAF Business School, Global Entrepreneurship Department, Humanitarian Ambassador of International Peace Association for Albanian Nation, President of Conservative Academy, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Sustainable Development, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Waste Recycling. He is the author of around 5000 articles and over 35 scientific journal articles, participating in more than 70 international scientific conferences, author of “Total Quality Management” Book, “Quality Management Tools” Monographs, “100 years of economic, trade and business relations between UK and Albania” book, “Managing Agribusiness Firms” book, “Managing Hotel & Tourism” book, “Academic writing” book, “Business and Administrative communication” book, “Small theatre, big theatre” book, etc. His work focuses on lecturing (mainly economics and managerial disciplines), public and private organizations consultancy, ISO Standards included, heading several NGO’s, as well as participating in civic society activities, etc.


Research Topic:

“On relations between Creativity, Innovation and Quality Management Culture as a respond to Crisis and Post-Crisis Period.”


Research Advisor:

Dr. Brian Sloboda, University of Maryland, USA

Dr. Almudena Guarnido, University of Almeria, Spain

Dr. Ignacio Amate, University of Almeria, Spain


Host University: University of  Almeria