Dr. Seval Ozbalci has voluntarily worked as a trainer, supervisor and project leader in projects supported by the public and non-governmental organizations, both in her professional life at the university. She managed the Web Team of Celal Bayar University between 2002 and 2012. She has been focused on digitalization, information systems, quality and accessibility in her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral studies, which she has carried out independently from her administrative duties at Computer Research and Application Center in this context. After completing entrepreneurship training in the US she has started project development studies related to disadvantaged groups and targeted measuring the economic accessibility for people with special needs. Having two published books, seven book chapters and nearly fifty national and international published academic works, Dr. Seval Ozbalci still works and teaches at Manisa Celal Bayar University.

Research Topic:

“Addressing Equity with the Perspective of Social Mobility”.

Host University: University of La Laguna Spain

 Research Advisor: