Dr. Rasool Bukhsh Mirjat, born in the year 1978, joined Sindh Judicial Service in the year 2006, subsequently become part of Islamabad Judicial Service and presently serving as Senior Civil Judge-I (Admin) & Magistrate-Sec-30 Cr. P.c, in federal Capital of Pakistan. Awarded Ph.D. (Law), by the University of Karachi in the year, 2019, on the research topic “The Issue Of Non-Enforcement of Human Rights And Rise Of Terrorism In Pakistan”., The area of interest are human rights, constitution, and reading judgments of the apex courts on Civil, Criminal and Constitutional laws. Also interested in the application of modern techniques and tools in the dispensation of justice in Pakistan with minimum use of papers by connecting the stakeholders of the justice sector electronically. Able to write up on different topics for the continuation of the dispensation of justice (I) Issue of Non-Enforcement of Human Rights And the Rise of Terrorism in Pakistan (Published by Pakistan Journal of Criminology, a ‘Y’ category HEC recognized journal. (ii) Senior Civil Judge: A Liaison between District Judiciary and Executive (Published in Federal Judicial Academy Bulletin) (ii), Senior Civil Judge A Bridge between the District & Session Judge and Supportive Staff” (Published in Federal Judicial Academy Bulletin) (iv) Establishing e-courts and e-filing in COVID-19 Scenario” (Published in Dailytimes. (v) Judicial Training and COVID-19” (Published in Dailytimes), (vi) Decision of Papers in the Wake of COVID-19 (Published in Daily Times) (vii) Post-Lockdown Case Management in Courts (Published in Daily Times). He is honored to pursue the Post. Doctoral research programme on the topic of “The importance of Minority Rights in the wave of Terrorism in Pakistan” from the University of Almira Spain and aspires to learn new research techniques over to issues of minority rights from the laureates become part of this session by esteemed organisation ESI.

Research Topic:

“The Importance of Minority Rights in the Wave of Terrorism in Pakistan”

Host University: University of Almeria, Spain

Research Advisor: