Dr. Julio Benítez Telles is a cabinet maker with postgraduate studies at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the Universidad del País Vasco in the fields of conservation and cultural studies.

As a full-time Assistant Professor at the Conservation and Museum studies Career, Dr. Benítez Telles, highlights his responsibilities as Research Mentor of 16 undergraduate students, Teacher of six specialization courses, and Head of Research of the same career.

During his academic life, he became Academic Coordinator, Director of the Conservation and Museum studies Career, and later Vice Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Humanities. In such positions, he co-organized international symposiums, boost research activities and scientific publications, and led the redesign of the Conservation career.

Since 2011 Dr. Julio Benítez Telles taught and gave academic services to academic institutions, standing out those delivered to Universidad Politécnica Estatal del Carchi, Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador.

From his academic activities, Julio Benítez Telles underlines the articles about Didactical experiences with heritage photography, the relationship between environmental conditions and degradation of oil paintings exposed in open corridors, Evaluation of wood consolidation by means of its fundamental frequency, Wood-joints used to build baroque altarpieces in Quito.

At different moments, Dr. Benítez Telles received research grants and scholarships from the European Union (Alban Program), Instituto Tecnológico del Mueble y Afines, ICCROM, American Institute for Conservation, and Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional. And the Ecuadorian Army gave him an honor diploma in recognition of his collaboration for the enhancement of the Centro de Estudios Históricos del Ejército.

Nowadays Dr. Julio Benítez Telles is a Member of the LASMAC International Scientific Committee, and a private consultant of academic projects. His current interest in research is the institutionalization process of the conservation science and profession, and their perspectives in scenarios of crisis.



Research Topic:

” Trayectoria y perspectivas de la conservación del patrimonio cultural en escenarios de crisis y
transición: el proceso de institucionalización social y política del oficio, la técnica y la ciencia de la restauración. ”

Host University: University of La Laguna, Spain

Research Advisor: