Dr. Giancarlo Giorgio De Agostini  served as Professor with Tenure at Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), Caracas, Venezuela, at the Mathematics and Computer Science department.

Additionally, to his teaching assignment, during that period, he also worked as:

Director (founder) Computing Center

Director Central Library

University Registrar

Director Central Archives

Director (founder) Graduate program in Educational Informatics

Director Multimedia Center

Director University´s Educational Television

1997-1999 Work realized in other universities: USR (Universidad Simón Rodríguez) Technology Director; UNIMET (Universidad Metropolitana) forming their future “on line” professors.

1999-present (Ecuador)

Professor at the following universities:

UDLA – Universidad de las Américas (full time undergraduate)

UASB –  Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (full time graduate school)

FLACSO – Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (half time graduate school)

President and CEO at FUVIA.org (e-Learning foundation).

CIO at CVI.edu.ec (totally online High School for vulnerable students)

IAEN – Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales, full time graduate school Professor and Director of e-Learning multimedia production and innovation center.

Universidad Católica de Cuenca (full time Professor and Director of eLearning multimedia production (at present).

During several years he was UNESCO-ROSTLAC consultant. Conferences and workshops in Educational Technology at various institutions and public and private universities in: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, France, England, México, Namibia, Panamá, Peru, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Dominican Republican, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Research Topic:

” Vulnerability and resilience for teachers in course adaptations for online modality with methological techniques: anytime, anywhere, any Climate”.


Host University: University of Almeria, Spain


Research Advisors: