Dastan is a multidisciplinary researcher with numerous years’ experience in international research and collaborations. He focuses on the Sociology of Environment & Energy, Rural & Regional policy, and climate change. He has experience big data visualization and analysis, Non-market resource valuations, deforestation and climate change in Africa, Energy problems in Africa, and EU regional policy.

Moreover, Dastan possesses vast work experience from teaching at University across the globe, consultancy, as well as working with Non-Governmental organization in Uganda, Africa.


Research Topic:

,,Addressing the Urban Nexus Energy needs as an alternative for wood fuel for conserving Tropical rainforests: A case study of Energy needs in Kampala slums”.

Research Advisor:
Dr. Janaka Jayawickrama, University of York, United Kingdom
Dr. Ramón Casillas Ruiz, University of La Laguna, Spain

Host University:  University of La Laguna